About us

RASHMANS Co. located in Belgrade, Serbia on the Belgrade Fair, hall 4, started working as an International Fairs Freight Forwarder 1992.


Even though trade fair, event and exhibition business environment is continually changing, one thing always has to stay the same: The reliability of the logistics partner.

There fore we are continuously adapting to new situations, we anticipate for our customers and there by make sure that nothing stands in the way of your successful presentation.

RASHMANS Co. is speciality is this: We don’t just simply transport everything that is needed for world wide trade fairs, events or exhibitions. Rather, we develop an individual solution with our team of skilled specialists for each and every project, tailored exactly to the demands of our customers.


At RASHMANS Co. work is more than just a word – it is a universe of activities and service at whose centre stands the success of your project. The reason we have been able to meet this standard again and again is, above all, the motivation of our personnel: They think and act on a global scale, look beyond the horizon of their own field and take the correct decisions because they are not tied into a rigid hierarchy.


To us, performance doesn’t just mean managing an assignment within the given time frame. We also make sure that any customer wishes are granted flexibly even when we’re already in the midst of the working progress. For your, that means RASHMANS Co. handles all transport services, tracking, customs formalities and all other necessary services surrounding your project.


Working together with RASHMANS Co., there’s one thing you’ll notice immediately – we don´t talk much, rather we listen. This is because we start each and every project with precision. Having been familiar with reality of the trade fair, event and exhibition business for many years, we know that spontaneous changes.